Koh Samui International Marathon

Samui MarathonThe First International Marathon on Koh Samui was held in February 2010, with the aim to become an annual event in the future.

One pre-race highlight was a Pasta Party for everyone involved in the event, sponsored by the Sala Samui Resort and Spa.

The main event consisted of two races, a full marathon over the distance of 42.2km and a half marathon over 21.1km, the races started from Choengmon and ended in back in Choengmon for the half marathon, while the full marathon continued on to the northern tip of Choengmon.

Additionally to the full and half marathons, there was a short marathon over 5km for runners and walkers alike, which was largely attended by the local schools and local social clubs.

We are looking forward to the 2011 International Marathon on Koh Samui!

6 Responses to Koh Samui International Marathon

  1. Morten Lynge says:

    Dear Sir

    When will the 2011 Koh Samui Marathon and half marathon take place? Has a date been set yet?

    Best regards,
    Morten Lynge

  2. Selva says:

    In which month samui marathon going to be held. Please advice. Tq

  3. paw jeppesen says:

    hello samui..

    What time will the koh samui marathon be hold in 2011?
    i see last year it was in 28 february.

    hope for an apply

    thank you


  4. david hoon says:

    please let me know when the 2012 marathon will be held in Koh samui as I have not run in koh samui before

  5. Michelle Pennington says:

    Hi could you please tell me when the 2012 Koh Samui Half Marathon is to be held, and how do you apply/
    Many thanks

    • samui p says:


      in 2010 the Marathon was held the same time as the Regatta, but in 2011 the Marathon did not take place together with the Regatta.

      Next Year the Samui Regatta will be held on May 28th – June 2nd 2012, but so far no mention of a marathon.

      Maybe it would be a good idea for runners to contact the organizers of the Regatta and ask them about the marathon. If the demand is there, I am sure they will decide to again have a marathon on Samui.

      Sunny Greetings!

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