Buffalo Fighting Festival Koh Samui

The Buffalo Fighting Festival usually takes place during bigger celebration on Koh Samui, like New Year's Day in January or Songkran, the Thai New Year in April. The highlight of this festival is of course the bufallo fighting, in which two male buffalo are literally going head to head. In most fights the buffalo lock their horns and try to submit the opponent while the thrilled crowd cheers them on. The first Buffalo to turn and run away is considered the loser and usually these fights are as harmless to the buffalo as boxing is to professional boxers. Tournament Champions are worth millions of baht.

Buffalo Fighting Festival

source: weatherkohsamui.com

On fighting day the buffalo are dressed up with colorful ribbons and gold-painted ornaments on their horns and they are sprinkled with blessed water prior to the fight. There are two fights per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The festival is held at selected venues around Koh Samui, like Ban Saket, Ban Makham, and Nathon town, with banners posted all over the island way in advance.

This festival is one of the most favorite festivals for the local Thai community and a real highlight for any foreigner lucky enough to be able to be on Koh Samui at the right time.

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